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  • Adventure Ride - Medina Co.: January 20, 2018
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Author Topic: 3 Medina County 250 Adventure Motorcycle Ride - Saturday, 1/20/18-Castroville, T  (Read 170 times)
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3 Medina County 250 Adventure Motorcycle Ride - Saturday, 1/20/18-Castroville, Texas

A Texas Adventure Riders Association San Antonio Chapter Event

A 250-mile adventure motorcycle ride entirely in Medina County Texas. Saturday, January 20, 2018 What happened on II - Click Here

The ride will start and end at the Alsatian Steinbach House Park in Castroville, Medina County, Texas.

The breakfast spot is Sammy's Restaurant this year as it's right across the street from the Alsatian Steinbach House Park. I'll probably get there by 745a or so.

This is a self-guided GPS ride, as the ride is self-guided a group will need to keep moving to get in the 250 miles before dark, my group did last year but not the 1st.
Additional Notes: Different legs of the route come close to touching near Quihi, they don't but it will require attention to stay on the proper course.

Of course its all about fun, camaraderie and being safe. Some will focus on completing the route, others will just relax and ride to their cut off time and head home.

My group will depart about 9a, subject to change.

The Alsatian Steinbach House Park or Castroville Park and Ride are options for parking for those that are trailering over. Lodging - The Hotel Alsace & Spa. Camping is available at the Castroville Regional Park, 816 Alsace Street, on the Medina River.

Fremdes Pizza is recommended for anyone interested in a pre or post ride dinner. I plan on having dinner at Fremdes on Friday night before the ride if anyone is in town and wants to join in, about 730p. https://www.fremdes.com/about-fremdes/

If a non-riding companion needs something to do while you are out riding click HERE

A weather date decision will be made at least by the Wednesday before.

3 Medina County 250 Adventure Motorcycle Ride Map
Attached is the GPX, click HERE or on the map to go to the Google interactive map where you can download the KML.
*Disclaimer - I build routes on my computer using the Roads of Texas map book as my guide which is the best and most accurate I have used, but not perfect, and Furkot's mapping program. I also haven't ridden all of the route since II. So the route may not be 100% accurate.

Medina County is immediately west of Bexar County in southwest Texas

For those that join my group
When I lead a group I don’t stop for lunch, I have several nature break stops and a stop midway out in the country for snacks or a sandwich I bring with me, then of course there are the planned fuel stops.

I stop at every non-obvious corner and wait for the entire group and make sure the last rider sees the proper way to go, there is NEVER a need to ride above your comfort level to keep up, we won’t leave you, I encourage riders to spread out to avoid the dust. The daisy chain method also works well, especially when its extremely dusty to keep the group even more spread out, the rider in front makes sure the rider behind makes the corner and so on until the sweep rider makes the corner. As long as the rider in front takes responsibility for the rider behind no one gets lost.

Please tell someone in the group if you decide to break off from the group, that prevents you being searched for.

Safety and rider etiquette
Having your emergency contact information on you and having that information readily available is critical. This is important not just for group rides but everyday. Even though you may have a buddy along on the ride you may get separated on the road.
At minimum:
Your street
Your town, state, zip code
Driver's license # & state
Emergency contact
Emergency Phone
I taped mine on the bottom of the visor of my dual sport helmet, I also taped another on the back side of my fairing near the dash. The important thing is that it is easy for anyone to find.

Respect landowners and other road users, slow down and ride quietly when passing people, vehicles, animals, homes, etc.

2018 Adventure Breakfast & Ride Calendar HERE
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